About company


We would like to express special gratitude to all our constant partners and clients. Without whom we couldn’t quickly track the tendencies of the stretch ceilings market, timely respond to market changes, identify priority directions and products.

Besides, the desire to meet the recurring requirements of our partners, increases our expertise and professionalism, improves the quality and level of our goods and services.

Special thanks to our customers and partners for reviews, suggestions and feedback, which allowed us to develop and produce a polymer-composite wall profile for stretch ceilings, which today conforms to the requirements of the most principled buyers.

Thanks to your feedback, the produced harpoon and insert for stretch ceilings took a worthy place in the market and moved traditionally presented brands.

The high quality of our products allowed us to compete properly with products presented in the European Union. Many European buyers appreciated our technical solutions and the constant quality of the goods, which greatly expanded the geography of supplies and market recognition.

All this would be impossible without communication and feedback from our partners and customers. We are extremely grateful to everyone who cooperates with our company, and we are confident that this cooperation is mutually beneficial.

Best regards, Aleksandr Utsianiou

For 8 years of work, the geography of supplies
of stretch celling accessories
has about 20 countries:

Germany, Austria, UK, Holland, Belgium, Israel, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, UAE, Montenegro, Serbia.

Our company in numbers

  • The largest company on the market of Belarus

  • 2 patents for invention

  • 3 supply of the region: Belarus, Russia, and EU Countries

  • 5 own products

  • 8 years of successful work

  • 22 professional officer

  • More than 45 types of products

  • More than 1100 customers during the work

Our staff

Installation of suspended ceilings was the beginning

Eight years ago, like most of you, we started with installation of stretch ceilings. Several montages in the day, and weight related problems:

Many remember the lack of accessories for ceilings in those years. We are made from scrap materials thermocole, platform for lights, lines, bought the canvas and profile, the rest as necessary.To address this problem, we sent a Herculean effort.

How we solved the problem of accessories

Geography field trips to search for suppliers of aluminium profiles, plastic profiles, components, amounted to thousands of kilometers. Regions of Russia, traditionally producing products from plastic, products from aluminium, was izezzhena far and wide. Very soon we were helping to solve the problem of procurement of quality components to our business colleagues. Thus, the objective of our enterprise became the task of supplying quality components at competitive prices.

How can we help?

We bear the burden of the supply of parts, You - develop your Business. Today we place orders for manufacture of components on 5 plants in different regions of Russia. Two types of profile are manufactured according to our patents, and exclusively for us.

8 years we have selected parts suppliers now guarantee the quality of all products. Our team has studied the design features of the profiles and understanding the technology of installation of stretch ceilings, has developed its own system of profiles for complex multi-level ceilings, which will reduce the cost of assemblers by 20% and increase the speed of installation, and, consequently, the number of orders!


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