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What is MSD film?

The MSD film is the PVC film for stretch ceilings of the Chinese MSD plant. The uniqueness of films has been appreciated long ago by the ceiling manufacturers of Russia, Germany, Belgium, France and America. Due to its unique composition, the film takes any complex shapes embodying the best design solutions. MSD stretch ceilings have good heat and waterproofing properties, which contribute to energy saving.

Why is the MSD film for stretch ceilings eco-friendly?

The MSD plant is one of the few that doesn’t economize on the material production. Choosing the most environmentally friendly raw materials, observing all necessary standards, the MSD has always placed a premium on product quality. 

It is important to note that at present PVC film for stretch ceilings is not subject to obligatory certification in Russia, which is used by many plants producing less quality and sometimes harmful for health products. The chemical analysis of the MSD film is fully presented on the page "MSD films". It remains to add that the noise suppression is 1 m² ≥ 2500 and improves the internal acoustic state of the room.

Ordering ceilings, make sure that they are made of environmentally friendly MSD film!

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